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TaproomNice Beer. Evil People.

October 4, 2018by Jesse Hauf


Nice Beer. Evil People.

Our typical music selection (as with most breweries) consists of Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Americana etc. Genres that are easy and lighthearted for anyone to listen to. When trying to maintain a family atmosphere and destination to visit on the weekends, the more aggressive genres get push to the side. But they do get requested, frequently. For one night only we are are changing the atmosphere of the Taproom entirely. After 6pm Saturday the Taproom will be 21+. Punk rock music will take over and coarse language can be expected. Bartenders wont be rude but may act churlishly. We understand this atmposhere is not for everyone. But just for one night, we are letting our freak flag fly. You have been warned.



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