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November 1, 2018by Jesse Hauf

I get asked frequently why I decided to open 10K Brewing. I think it started in the first grade. I remember another student calling me “boss” when we were working on a group project. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur deep down but I always thought you had to be rich or have some cleaver idea. I grew up to be a computer engineer but since the day I got into it, I always had a side project. There was Data Disaster Recovery (DDR) where I removed viruses from Craigslist customers computers who might have “clicked on the wrong website”. NetLauncher, a Windows replacement for the Novell application launcher. CrudeWeather, Zeti, Mootster… All on the search for that cleaver idea. When the Surly bill was passed and my fascination with craft beer peaked, I realized I didn’t need a unique idea. I had an opportunity to bring a proven idea from Taprooms I visited out west to my hometown. Admittedly our beer was OK to begin with. But it has come a long way over the course of 3 years and our most recent beer I am especially really proud of.

Cheers to three years, I don’t plan on slowing down. I plan on growing 10K Brewing and improving upon it. I hope that the market continues to be kind and I can deliver you an email on our 5th or even 10th birthday!
– Jesse


November 13th – 18th

Tuesday & Thursday – Barley Wine release and Brewery Tours
Wednesday – Trivia Mafia with a special round of birthday trivia
Friday – Nice Music artist Kevin James and B/A Wendigo release
Saturday –  Yoga, B/A Barley Wine Release, Escape Room and Hitchville
Sunday – MN Pit Bull Rescue, Succ It Up Buttercup, Vikings Game, Jake Ilika

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