10K Brewing started in a garage with a home brewing kit Owner Jesse received as a gift. Cliche, we know. But beyond the cliche, Jesse traveled the country as a computer engineer. Meeting brewers and experiencing Taprooms in each state he visited. As the Surly bill was passed Jesse knew it was time to follow his dream of entrepreneurship and open a Taproom in his hometown, Anoka. Jesse partnered with his sister to get the business off its feet and assist with marketing. After changing the zoning laws to allow Taprooms Downtown Anoka it was time to upgrade his home brewing kit. Knowing his skill level, he opted for a modest 3bbl (93 gallon) brew house with the goal of rapidly developed new beers and experimenting with a variety of styles.

Jesse’s father Jeffrey, a contractor by trade, built our Taproom in Downtown Anoka. Shortly after opening he helped brew a batch of beer and after 35 years of building homes, decided to trade his tool belt in for a mash paddle. Before passing in 2018, Jeff brewed 100s of batches of beer with his son Jesse. To this day his work as co-founder resonates in every batch of beer we brew.

Our beer is "Brewed in the Land of 10K Lakes", and that means something to us. It means Minnesota values. "Nice Beer. Nice People."


Today 10K Brewing is 100% independently owned and operated by Jesse, a local member of the community. Every recipe is our own. After over 1000 batches of beer on one of the states smallest brew houses, you can be assured that your pint was truly hand crafted. The name of our brewery is a constant reminder of our mission and values: Our beer is “Brewed in the Land of 10K Lakes”, and that means something to us. It means Minnesota values. “Nice Beer. Nice People.”


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