10K BrewingTaproomTaproom Status Update #1

March 16, 2020by Jesse Hauf
You have read dozens of these posts by now. I have held off to avoid incidental fear mongering. I will skip the wash your hands and don’t touch your face part since I hope we have that down by now. Fun fact, dish towels work just as good if not better than toilet paper and they are washable. I’m kidding. Or am I?
We have implemented additional hand and surface washing procedures. We are also reducing physical contact to help further reduce the spread of disease. I am keeping my staff updated on a regular basis. With that said, my intention is to take this one day at a time. For now, the Taproom will remain open normal hours and musicians will continue to stay booked. This can however change overnight. I have added a TAPROOM STATUS notification to the front page of 10KBrew.com that I will update if anything changes. I will also personally notify you via email and social media. I want the Taproom to be a getaway and a place to enjoy as long as we can. My staff has conveyed to me that they would like to continue working as long as it is safe to do so.
I will leave everyone with one piece of advice: Keep your immune system strong. Eat a healthy well balanced diet, stay active and for the love of God, be Nice to your fellow humans and help each other out. Always.
Cheers – Jesse