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January 26, 2021by Jesse Hauf

We started Pint Perks as part of our Kickstarter campaign to continually reward customers for supporting us. We chose a text message based system so we never had to worry about membership cards and we could easily send rewards to customers! Back then, text message base loyalty programs were few. We chose an industry leader in hopes of using a system that lasts as long as we do. Since then, many other loyalty management programs have become available and have blown our industry leader out of the water. We have paid them fairly over the years and when we asked to switch, they would not let us take our database of customers with us. Unfortunately, it means we are going to lose all of the information in that database.

As of Feb 1st, the new Pint Perks goes live and the old Pint Perks will be shutdown. The new system:
– Integrates with our point of sale (no need to print coupons!)
– Gives us access to the database and integrates with our existing sales database
– Allows us to reward based on purchase amount for those who spend more but visit less frequently
In addition to all of the current benefits. Expect more updates soon!

Make the move to the new Pint Perks today! Text JOIN to 844-337-4916 for $5 off your purchase for switching!

Due lack of cooperation from our previous provider:

– Existing rewards will not transfer
– Lifetime check-ins will be lost
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we are confident the new Pint Perks will continue to reward you as we continue to grow!