BeersNice Pale Ale (Azzaca)

January 12, 2017by Jesse Hauf

Nice Pale Ale

We have produced 16 batches in our single hop Nice Pale Ale series. The rules for this particular beer are simple. Only one variety of hop used in each batch. No modifying the hop schedule. No modifying the malt bill. This allows the person enjoying the beer to see how each variety of hop changes the beers flavor, bitterness, and aroma.


The Azzaca variety of hop is one of my favorites so far. It does a great job of creating a smooth, consistent but not overpowering bitterness to the beer. The flavor is very intriguing. Unlike other varieties of hops that are piney or floral, Azzaca has a fruity flavor. I get a melon flavor from it, almost musky. But again, flavorful with out being in your face. We also dry hop each batch of Nice Pale Ale. Azzaca does not contribute a lot to the aroma department but it does make this batch smell more hoppy than malty. Which evidently, is exactly how a pale ale should smell!

And Of Course, Its Brewed With The New Water

Our filtered water almost makes the Nice Pale Ale a whole new beer. The hops are more forward without being harsh and keeps a nice medium malt body. The Nice Pale Ale has always taken a long time to clarify. With the new water, the beer clarifies in about 1/3 of the time which results in a overall better beer.