15 Hop IPA

January 17, 2019by Jesse Hauf

Using the the same malt recipe as our Sticky Timber, this double dry-hopped IPA was brewed and dry-hopped with 15 unique hop varieties giving it a wave of fruit, citrus, floral and spicy character to a hazy pour!



September 10, 2017by Jesse Hauf

New England IPA This style of IPA focuses heavily on hop flavor and aroma, not so much bitterness. What you will find is a slightly bitter start like a traditional IPA. But instead of lingering, it paves the way for delicious fruit and citrus flavors. The name comes from heavy use of both Citra and Mosaic hops. This beer is triple dry-hopped with a low flocculation yeast making it a hazy IPA. View This Beer On Untappd


West Coast IPA Our owner and head brewer traveled the US prior to opening 10K Brewing and discovered how an IPA is brewed differently in every corner of the country. The style works beautifully for the northern suburbs because it focuses on hop flavor and aroma rather than aggressive bitterness. A simple malt profile allows that late hop additions to deliver a flavorful aromatic experience. Heavy dry hopping gives this beer a heavy floral/citrus aroma. View This Beer On Untappd



February 10, 2017by Jesse Hauf

India Pale Ale (Discontinued) One of the original 4 beers we offered in the Taproom and the first beer our head brewer ever home brewed. Designed to be consistently hoppy but not overpowering. A great introduction to India Pale Ale's for those who have a hard time adjusting to aggressively hopped beers. Smooth, crisp, and slightly sweet. View This Beer On Untappd


American Pale Ale Single-hopped American Pale Ale drinks light and crisp. The rules for this particular beer are simple. Only one variety of hop used in each batch. No modifying the hop schedule. No modifying the malt bill. This allows the person enjoying the beer to see how each variety of hop changes the beers flavor, bitterness, and aroma. Past Hop Varieties: Azzaca Cascade Centennial Chinook Citra Columbus Galaxy Lemon Drop Mosaic Nelson Northern Brewer Nugget Simcoe View This Beer On Untappd